A economical and practical small thruster

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Our underwater thrusters are applied to all kinds of underwater vehiclesROV, AUV, UUV etc..), we serves domestic scientific research institutes and sold to many countries in the world.

The existing thruster has a precise and complex structure, adopts magnetic coupling seal, integration design, overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection, signal zero crossing protection, and diversified control modes. Full ocean depth available with external electronics.

The new product we launched this time is to meet the world's greater demand for shallow water exploration. It is an economical and practical small thruster. It can be used at depths of up to 400 meters.

This thruster adopts maintenance free rotary sealing mode, power 550W-680W, rated voltage 48VDC, forward thrust 13.5kg, reverse thrust 9kg. Lightweight design of the whole machine, size Φ145*193mm, weight 1.55kg. Can and analog control mode.

Nozzle protective cover can be disassembled.

Our R & D engineers not only reduced the cost but also improved the performance of the motor. The overall performance of the product meets the greater market demand.