Five Axis Processing Center

The company owns imported five axis machining center machine tool, which can meet various processing needs. Machine tools have the following characteristics

1. The machine tool uses the pendulum head, the B, the C axis structure;

2. Super large worktable, working table 1400mm * 600mm, C axis turntable diameter 500mm;

3. Large stroke: 1300mm x 610mm x 700mm;

4. The stroke of the axis: -120°~0°~120°;

5. Machine tool adopts 15000RPM high speed inner spindle;

6. Control system: T N C 640 controller;

7. The machine tools X, Y, Z, B, C axis are all equipped with gratings;

8. The machine tool is equipped with central water discharge.



Imported Turn-milling Compound Machine Tool

The company owns imported turn-milling compound machine tool with X, Y, Z and C axes, which can be integrated-processed by turning and milling, processing efficiency and machining precision can be guaranteed.