Tianjin Haoye Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in R&D and production of underwater equipment supporting products, to develop and sell underwater thrusters, underwater DC brushless motor, rotary actuator, electric outboard, AUV power section etc.. Our mission is to use the spirit of perfectionist craftsmanship to create first-class underwater equipment supporting products with user experience and to provide the best solution for the underwater equipment industry. We are honored to get acquainted with a group of China's best underwater equipment scientific research practitioners. They have given us a lot of guidance and help to make our products constantly perfect. They helped Haoye successfully deliver hundreds of units to customers." "Underwater thruster", "rotary actuator", and other underwater equipment supporting products. Many knowledgeable and realistic customers have given us a lot of recognition and support, which makes us more firm in the spirit of perfectionist craftsmanship, taking the boundaries of technology as our boundaries, and making unremitting efforts to pursue a better user experience. In the spring of 2016, Haoye Company was established. Since then, we have owned thousands of acres of R&D and production bases and world-class R&D and production equipment, enabling Haoye’s accumulated hydrodynamic fluids, electromagnetic motors, magnetic conduction, deep water sealing, electronic control, software algorithms, mechanical structures, and the theory and experience of underwater Optics have been verified and passed on. In 2017, we are building a number of world-class underwater equipment laboratories, which will provide more reliable support and guarantee for the performance, accuracy, life and stability of Haoye products in the future, so that Haoye products will enter the world's first-class products. In the future, we will not forget our origina.